Thursday, August 11, 2011

Five Dallas Restaurants for Life

Paul and I love to eat.  This is known.  

That's why I usually don't go a week without someone asking for a recommendation.  I can pretty much tell you where to go with exactly the right mood, food, and atmosphere that you're looking for.  But for this post, here's my list of five restaurants that I could rotate and eat for the rest of my life here in Dallas, TX.

COALVINES - uptown

Coalvines has been amazing to me.  It's actually where I met my husband.  Go here if you want to have a hot cozy date, fun with your girls, or going out with a crowd.  It's so easy to share pizza with a large group.

Must start with a mesculin green salad, cheese pizza (might as well get a large for a $1 more) and the fish special (always underpriced).  The french fries are also unlike anyone else's in Dallas. 

Don't leave without a Heath bar cheesecake with extra whip cream and giving Jeff and Wolf a hug for me!

LOCAL - deep ellum

We love to hop on our scooter and zip down a couple blocks to Local for a divine meal.

Enjoy the amuse abuse and ask if they have any mini grilled cheese available that night, then move on to the daily house special salad (hopefully it will either have warm peaches or cornbread croutons) but start  preparing yourself for the daddy of all premium filets always cooked to perfection.  

Enjoy a cappuccino and an ice cream sundea with sprinkles for dessert and your toes will be tappin.

CAFE IZMIR - greenville

Izmir to me is like going home to your mothers house for a loved familiar meal.  We dined at Cafe Izmir on our first date and visit frequently, including our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding.

Tapas all the way... pita, hummus, tabouli, ziziki, chicken salad, chicken kabobs, piroshki, and saffron rice (at least two orders).

Finish it off with a turkish coffee with a heavenly chocolate cake or the strawberry cream cake per Paul's choice.

NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICES TAVERN - north henderson                              

We went through a faze that we went to Neighborhood every Friday night for dinner.  We have since slown down since our favorite bartender Andrew has moved to Marquee Grill in Highland Park, but we still love the place.

Get the standard dip going while you wait on a seat and then chow down on a wedge salad once your sitting comfortably at the bar or table.  I use to always get the chicken milanese, it is now off the menu, but at least they still prepare their fish special the same way.  

Now here is the most important tip.  When you order your ding dong for dessert, make sure they warm that bad boy up.  It should be so soft that your fork just melts through the cake and it can't even keep it's dong of a structure.  If this is not happening to you, then kindly ask them to add some time to the microwave in the back.  

COOL AND HOT - oak cliff

This is a gas station turned our last minute meal hot spot.  

Don't judge and just pull on up to that order box and tell the sweet man that you want three tacos/pp of barbacoa or beef fajita corn tacos.  Don't bother saying no onions because that will never happen.

Now don't be scared to order a waffle cone of rocky road ice cream and eat it in the car ride back home.  I promise no one will judge you.

Well there you go.  If you can't be satisfied by either of these places then don't bother being my friend.

Love, Sarah


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