Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Teach a man to fish

Jose introduced us to this waterfall / Tilapia restaurant last trip and we knew we wanted to take the whole family this go around.

The water was freezing.

Paul loved that the kids weren't afraid of splashing me.

Oscar kept trying to climb me to get away from the muy frio water.

That is as close as you could get to the waterfall.  It was so powerful.

Before we went to the treasured cascade, we went to the tilapia restaurant...

You have to fish for your food!

Jose and his son Arlanso caught enough fish to feed all of us before the rest could even catch one!

I love how fancy the boys looked in their school uniforms.

What momma says, goes.

I think Shadow wanted to catch some fish!

Arlanso was proud to order his fish whole, but had a change of heart when it was time to actually eat it.

Luckily the restaurants star guest didn't mind helping Alanso finish off his fish.

Jose didn't end up teaching us how to catch their tilapia, but at least he will never mind going with us to provide for us all to eat.

Love, Sarah


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