Friday, September 9, 2011

In Stillness

I've been aware of my stillness lately.  I use to blame it on a bad back and being lazy, but now that I've been in it for awhile I've realized it's so much more.  I use to fill my days up with shopping, errands, friends, promises, and over-extending myself to every invitation I would receive.  As much as I honestly enjoyed those days, I find this slightly slower pace refreshing. 

 I believe it has to do with being satisfied.  

  I use to believe that at any point you could meet someone special and so turning down an invitation or sitting at home could be life altering.  I also worked three jobs that could equal 74 hours a week and be out with my friends any spare moment I had.  I probably saw my pillow for 4-5 hours a night and go straight back into it the next day.  I had multiple hobbies, dated several guys, and had so many close friends.

From that time I met my husband at the third job I picked up (and he asked me out a year and a half later), I learned how to work hard without wearing down my attitude, was able to date guys that varied in so many aspects and learned so much from each of them, and now feel so grateful that I played so much golf, football, and horseback riding when I could before my back injury.

So today I'm satisfyingly still.  Who knows what my heart will get stir-crazy over next.  For now, I will enjoy my time that the Lord has provided.

Love, Sarah


The Dayleys said...

I find it so important to find a perfect balance. I love being busy and accomplishing a lot, BUT I find I am happier when I allow myself personal time/quiet time/ time I dont have to pack full of tasks. :) I hope you enjoy your time of stillness

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