Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kalachandji's - Hare Krishna Restaurant

We went to Kalachandji's for lunch today.  Kalachandji's is a Hare Krishna restaurant that is right next to their temple.  My co-worker and friend Jun has always suggested we try it and today was the day.  

We got there five minutes early so we explored the outside while we waited.

I had never heard about Hare Krishna before this restaurant so I thought I would dress for the occasion and go with accepting eyes.

We dined in a beautiful atrium in the middle of the restaurant.

Their cuisine is vegetarian buffet and changes daily.  They practice the timeless Ayurvedic art of cooking for the body.  I had the full buffet, a salad, soup, tea, and a dessert.   

Mango-cashew halvah

I think we would all agree that the restaurant had a calming spiritual atmosphere and it was enjoyable even though we hold different beliefs.  

Respect is all you need.

Love, Sarah

(thank you to Brandon Carmichael for all the pictures and Jun for stealing that last one of me) 


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