Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Mission

Kittens and Pitbulls is a place that I can come be creative and put myself out there.  
I use to love checking out my favorite blogs in the morning, but now I feel they've pigeoned holed themselves into a specific niche so much that each post looks like the last.  I see repetition and copying everyday and I've been craving for some originality.  Life has so much more to offer than perfect ruffles and peonies.  It's time to start getting real and being ourselves.   

That's my guarantee to you.  I won't follow trends but display pieces that are unique and not the It piece buyers are counting on you to buy. 

Just don't put me in the typecast as a fashion blog.  Fashion is not a life, but an accessory.  I love sharing my time at my home in Deep Ellum, TX and Costa Rica, and all that this world has to offer. 

Hope you're along for the ride.

Love, Sarah


The Dayleys said...

Love it!! I really enjoy individuality and real people. Yay for you focusing on it. :)

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to revamp my blog!!!
Love to read your posts by the way! You are beautiful unique and amazingly talented person!
Miss you <3

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