Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Costa Rica: Meet Bexsa!

Meet Bexsa!  Our family that we have live on our property in Costa Rica's fifth child!

We just walked in the door from getting back from our trip and couldn't wait to show you her.

She's an angel and never made a peep!

 She's not the only new member of the family.  Jose tamed a wild parrot that now lives on the tree in front of their house.  

We heard it squawking when we came up the stairs and thought it was the baby.  Then they pointed it out that it was this little guy.

 Arlanso and Oscar


 Yurelia aka "Judy"

 Happiest family I know in the world!

...this night Marta (the mom) got a severe headache and Paul had to take her and Jose to the hospital.  They took Bexsa along and I stayed home with the four kids.  We had a blast running around the house tickling each other until Oscar got a little too excited and pee'ed all over me and himself.  I'm talking spray action from all angles of his shorts.  I gave him a bath and hosed myself off and we decided to take it down a notch with reading some books and playing playstation instead.

After a few hours later, Marta returned pain-free!

...can't wait to show you more pictures!!!

Love, Sarah


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