Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Costa Rica: Snakes, Scorpions, & Termites!

In Costa Rica you have to expect poisonous harmful creatures all over the place outside.

Since we live deep in the jungle we get more variety of concerns to look out for.

Jose found and killed this guy right outside of his house.

 But on our first day we noticed the inside of our home was getting taken over by ants

 ...and termites.

 I was sweeping up thousands of these guys and I couldn't explain why they would fall in piles on the floor repeatedly.

 We were finding scorpions everywhere.  Even a huge one in our bedspread.

So we knew it was time to call Nick our fumigator.  If you live in Costa Rica I will give you his number.  He's amazing and he makes his own spray out of a particular tree only found in Costa Rica.  It's even safe to spray around babies.  He said the US is trying to buy his secret but he's not selling out anytime soon.

Boy Scout Motto:  BE PREPARED.

Love, Sarah


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