Monday, October 31, 2011

Dalton Hall

Meet Dalton.  He is the first person I am going to run and hug when I get to Heaven.  He is also the first boy I had ever said the L word to ...even if it was only on AOL IM circa 1999.  He would sneak out his moms car to pick me up and drive around and even kissed me for the first time with a mouth full of sunflower seeds after his baseball game at Texas Star.  As most jr. high relationships we didn't last long, but always had a special place in each others heart.  

Jump to 2009 and I would go to Church with him and John Z and he even helped me move into my current home when I got married.  He's the kind of guy that would help you no question and stand firm in his faith without doubt.

Three months later on November 1st I received a call from John.  I had just gotten out of Church and he sounded urgent.  I walked outside and he gave me the news.  Dalton had died on his motorcycle exiting the highway from leaving work after Halloween.  I lost it.  

His funeral was amazing.  He had touched so many lives and story after story was how he was a crusader for God.  We all have sins but he was a soldier.  He had so much love for his Mom and sister and his friends were brothers. 

I truly strive to be more like Dalton.  Never to hold back and always to speak my heart.  He made Heaven touchable for me.  And on this two year mark I look up to him with inspiration.

Love, Sarah


CMA said...

awesome blog, keep it up!
love it, and i'll keep coming back for sure!

{ alL of the abOVE } said...

i love your blog ,Sarah. Your heart is big, and I can tell it's so full.. :)

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