Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Best Friends

 These two are best buds, especially in Costa Rica.  I think Paul slows down and actually relaxes so Shadow jumps all over daddy and son time there.

 Shadow loves to go around the property with Paul on tasks but his favorite time is snuggle time.

 "Mom, don't take a picture of my nose!"

 I always tell Paul that if he is half as good of a Dad as he is to our pets, then he will be an amazing Dad some day!

Love, Sarah


Karen Beth said...

The look on Shadow's face in that third picture is what every animal should be able to feel. Love that. There is nothing in this world like being loved by an animal. :)

LindseyC said...

SO cute! Hey by the way - Alton Brown's asparagus recipe - SO EASY! Do it that way and you don't even dirty dishes!

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