Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Garden Cafe

  So our regular lunch crew is made of four of us at work.  We each have our own day of the week to decide where we're going to eat and Tuesday's have been a ritual at Garden Cafe.

Each of us have a meal that we order the same all the time, but we decided for us all to get something new on the drive over.  I kinda cheated from normally ordering an all egg-white omelet with kale, spinach, and tomatoes to just getting scrambled egg-whites with the same roasted potatoes and wheat toast.  The guys didn't noticed, so it was all good.

 I demanded that we ate outside even though it was a little chilly.  ...but, the guys out voted me and we headed back inside.

 Brandon and Jun got the country boy benedict with different sides from normally getting the smoothered steak.

 Jun really liked his beets.

 Justin liked his soup and sandwich combo, so it all turned out ok with mixing the day up!

It's good to try something new.  ...I guess I'll take my own advice tomorrow since I didn't participate properly today.

Love, Sarah


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