Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Costa Rica - Travel Tips

Soak up the beach, but do not forget where you are.  Costa Rica.  Go out and explore!  The best way to do so is to go on tours and allow tico's to show you their land.  Eat the ceviche from the lady on the beach, zip-line with the guys that tied the ropes, walk in the rain like you don't feel a thing, watch the animals through no bars, hike in the jungle with no fear, buy the fruit from the family on the side of the road, and be grateful for what God has made.

While you're driving look out for everything!  People, animals, clouds, landslides ...you never know what's around the bend.  Also, if you see a branch/leaves in the middle of the lane that means there is something up ahead.  Usually an over-turned car, a bridge that is out, just about anything you can imagine that you would need to slow down and be careful for.

Make sure you rent a vehicle that has 4x4 and a GPS.  We recommend renting directly from Toyota.  They will pick you up/drop you off at the airport.  

And never, ever drive at night.  Unless you know the way and you're not in the mountains when the clouds roll in.  ...I won't even begin on that story! 

In Costa Rica it's not about the size of your home, what you do as a profession, or what school you went to.  More importantly it's about the love for your family, eating off your own land, and being a good person.  The first thing they say about describing a person is if they're a honest/Christian person or not.

But, like any spot in the world, there is evil.  I would just suggest using common sense and remember that you're not in America anymore.  Follow the rules, use caution, and don't be flashy. 

One of the greatest privileges I have from traveling to Costa Rica is what I take back with me.  And no, it's not a coconut shaped souvenir.  It's knowing that you can live off what God has provided, you must respect every animal no matter the size, to care for your environment, and that it's all about family - no matter how distant of a cousin you are, they'll have your back.  

Ok, I'm not even playing.  You will see some of the most beautiful bugs in the world in Costa Rica.  Click through my Costa Rica posts on my blog and you'll see some amazing little creatures.  But, the key is to respect them.  I once was told by our Architect "Sarah, you're in the tropical.  Everything bites.  Plants bite, bugs bite, the jungle bites, things you can't see will bite."  He definitely wasn't lying.  My biggest suggestion is to embrace it and you'll be just fine.  I recommend grabbing some of those laminated one sheets that show the different bugs, animals, reptiles and looking up what you see.  More then likely they'll be on there and you can see if they're poisonous or not.

Denise Painter.  I'm not even playing.  Any friend that asks me for suggestions on Costa Rica, all I have to say is Denise.  She can literally assist you in every possible aspect of your trip: car rentals, private ground transfers, domestic air travel within Costa Rica (totally fun and worth doing), home rental bookings, hotel reservations (seriously don't book a hotel unless she suggests it), tour/excursion bookings, local outings and activities and all other questions you may have about visiting.  

And get this...  she's free.

TLC Concierge Services
Phone: 011-506-2786-5326
Email:  tlcconciergeservices@gmail.com


Susan said...

I came across your blog while looking up surfing locations in Costa Rica. We went to Nosara this summer and loved it! I'm very curious now about other beach and surfing locations, where is the beach in the photo?

Sarah Beauregard said...

Susan please email me at saraheking8@yahoo.com

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