Sunday, October 9, 2011

These Boots

Being in Texas I feel like everyone has at least one pair of boots in their closet.  These are my one pair from Cavender's and I've had them for years now.  I wear them with everything and for every occasion.  They're actually extremely comfortable now that they're shaped to my foot.

I bought two different ponchos on my last trip down to Austin.  I picked them up at my favorite vintage store, Feathers on South Congress.  This hat was from a recent purchase at H&M.  

There is just something about a pair of boots that makes you feel like a bad ass.  That you are wearing a part of history and something that will never change.

Do you have a go-to pair of shoes?  A pair that goes with everything?

Love, Sarah

(make-up by Patience Manzare, photos by Jesse Armstrong)


Mallorie Owens said...

Love these pictures! And of course the boots, makes me want to bust mine out :)

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