Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This weekend Paul's clients gave us five tickets to their suite for the Cowboys game against the Bills.  We took Paul's mom and my parents.  We had a wonderful time and couldn't ask for a better game!

The things is, every time I'm with my parents I see how much I am becoming them!  From my Dad's horrible sense of language, to catching myself doing little bird tweeps to Paul when he's driving, just like my mom has always done to my dad.  Paul even acts differently when he's around his mom.  He turns into a punk teenager with horrible jokes and always picking on people.  It definitely causes a laugh, but completely not his everyday sense of humor. 

Now, my mom is an intelligent angel so I wouldn't mind becoming more like her.  But my dad in the other hand.  Oh-no!

Do you find yourself becoming more and more like your parents?

Love, Sarah


The Dayleys said...

It amazes me how much I'm like my mother and father as time passes. Some qualities I love, Others not so much. It makes me laugh knowing how I swore I'd never be like them while growing up. Now I'm not so opposed to it :)

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