Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Cats Loft

You might remember this post about creating a library in our unused loft space in our game room.  Well, Scooter and Lizzy have totally taken over and it's now officially theres!

 They have a nice chase that I cover with blankets and they have still been able to claw up the sides.  There gonna have to get those nail covers on once we get our new living room furniture!  

It's fun thinking outside of the box even when it comes to pet food and water dispensing! 

I really like the bamboo floor Paul put in.  It totally beats the red old worn-out carpet that was here.

The toy mouse in the shadowbox was Scooters first toy.  He played with it every night before bed and would choose it over his other mice when you would put them side by side.  You can't tell but Sergeant bit its head off not long ago, so I framed it for a keepsake.

 We still have a bookshelf downstairs that we're planning on expanding so I just brought up a few of my favorite books.

A Long Way Gone is an amazing book.

Do you have a space in your home that your pets have taken over?

Love, Sarah


LindseyC said...

So so cute!!! I wish I had more space to give my dog his own little spot. Come decorate for me! Haha!

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