Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sergeant and Me

So I have a millionx2 pictures of Paul and Shadow together but not many of me and my boy.  So for this outfit post, I thought I would take it with my main man, Sergeant.

Forcing love time at a public place with nine thousands smells going on for one little nose was too much to ask for.  Serg was more interested in drooling over stained grass then snuggling with his momma.  

At least these Michael Kors boots are pretty much awesome.  They were on sale at Nordstroms and since I can't wear heels since my back, I scoop up any cute flats I can find.

We call these the Hallmark pics.  Pretty cheesy but any pic with Sergie-poo is a keepsake for me.

Do you have any special pictures with your pet?

Love, Sarah


Anonymous said...

Love this one Sarah!!

The Dayleys said...

I love these pictures! I keep dreaming about getting family pictures done with the boys. Only thing is... I'm the only one down for it. Between them being naughty {i'm sure} and hubby not into it... Someday I'll get my wish :)

monster cakes said...

This is too precious. I have way too many pics with my pups (I have 2 pit bulls too!). I'm like that crazy cat lady... but with my pit bulls. I can't help it. They are balls of sunshine.

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