Sunday, January 1, 2012

¿Puedo pedir un favor

Hola, are you out there?

As much as this picture wasn't planned, so wasn't my blog.  In the picture, I was laying on my hammock looking into my lens trying to figure out how the thing works.  And with the latter, I wanted to have a fun outlet to post parts of my life and inspiration.  

Kittens and Pitbulls started exactly two years ago and I'm looking forward to another year shared with you.  

I have a request from you.  Will you please send me a comment with what you like - could care less for - and want more of for the next year.  And here's the deal:  I will not be posting any of the comments and if you chose, you can send it anonymously and I will never even know who sent it.  

Remember, honesty is the best policy and that is what I want from you. ...ok go!  Start typing!! 

Love, Sarah


Nicole said...

Great shot. Happy New Year!

Check out mines:

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