Monday, February 13, 2012

Home Renovations - We've only just begun...


We got rid of all these flat air vents on our exposed pipes and replaced them with curved fitted ones. 

Are pipes are different sizes all around the house so they had to measure each one to get the correct vent to match.  It turned out great and adds a little extra clean of a line.

Paul also got these cool air vents for his office ceiling.  He told me something about one of the vents having a charcoal filter to purify the air (or something like that).  


And speaking of Paul's office, they're still working on it! 

The wood floor has been laid, new coach and chair have arrived, ceiling tiles are stained and still waiting on a few more touches.


 This use to be an open closet walking from the garage to Paul's office that had a small table and tons of old art work.  We gave all the art away and Paul had this coat closet and bench made.

It's the same cherry stain as his office ceiling tiles.  Paul painted the walls and had the wood floor flow into here as well. 

The office and mud room should be finished by next week so I will post final pictures soon!

Love, Sarah


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