Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Tales of a Costa Rican Spider

I became fascinated with this spider during my last trip to Costa Rica.  I noticed her on the second day and for two weeks she didn't move from her web.  Every morning the first thing I did was go outside to check on what she's doing for the day.  

I think she makes her web like this for two reasons.  One, to hide behind the extra web so her dinner doesn't see her and two, to use the webbing to wrap around her prey.  She then hangs it on the side of her web until she's ready to eat it.  

She was constantly eating.  She even ate one of her children because it was running around way too much.  After she did that her other child didn't move from her side for days.

By the end of the two weeks look how fat she got.  Paul thinks she may have been pregnant again, but I think she was just a glutton.

I'm really hoping she's there when I get back!

Here are a few other spiders I was fond of...

At first I thought this spider was cleaning itself, but it ended up dying.  It had just eaten a rather larger spider above it and I think he may have been poisoned.

When a spider eats another spider they leave the legs hanging on their web.  I think it's like hanging antlers on your wall.  You wanna show off what you caught.

Please click any of these pictures to see them larger.  I shot them with my macro lens so they can be blown up pretty big.

I don't know anything about spiders so I am really hoping to make it to San Jose's college to view their spider museum this next trip.  If you have any names or details on these spiders please let me know.  

Love, Sarah


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