Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Friend Week : Day 3

Day 3

...shhh  tell your secrets.

Through life you start to have friendships that have different basis.  I have a friend that we love to go vintage hunting and go on fun little road trips.  Another is make-up and relationship talk, a few that we meet for lunch and one that we love to see girly movies at the theater, and a couple to go outdoors and explore.

But recently I have received one where we started sharing our deepest secrets.  Things that neither of us ever thought we would share or even imagine one day coming off our lips.  ...and it's fantastic!  Most of the topics are nothing fun and usually something deep down troubling us, but once you take the skeleton out of the closet you become free.  You become accountable and able to finally let it go.  You can talk out loud and hear an outsiders perspective.

My trusting friendship came naturally and I believe was meant to be.  If you don't have a friend that you believe is right for this challenge, then wait.  Naturally choose someone that doesn't tend to gossip and one that you believe in their choices.  All of us sin but we have to be careful who we rely on for trust.

Love, Sarah


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