Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chick and Bee Veggies

Lovebirds, Becky (of chickandbee) and Brandon (of Dailymirror) brought me fresh veggies from their garden today.  Aren't they gorgeous?

 Whenever someone hands me a homegrown vegetable I immediately think of two things.  First, Costa Rica.  We just have to walk our property to find bananas, mangos, limes, and rambutan right off the trees.  I love how ugly and natural they look.  Never touched by a chemical; just God's original gift. Secondly, New York.  Our neighbors across the street growing up had zucchini growing like weeds in their backyard.  They would give us bags of them.  My mom made everything under the sun with them.  My favorite was her zucchini bread.  

Paul asked me to stop by the grocery store to pick up a side dish for our burgers tonight.  Lucky me, I had these in hand for Paul to grill up on the roof.  

Thanks Carmichaels!

Love, Sarah

P.S.  you might remember this post about their lovely tomato they gave me last year.  yum-yum


LindseyC said...

Mmmmmmm fresh rambutan!
I started growing herbs... I think it's the first step to a gardening addiction. It is so nice to cultivate something from the ground that you eat later...when I have a yard, I'm totally going to try and not kill some yummy things!
These look amazing!

Becky said...

Thanks Sarah! Glad you enjoyed them.

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