Sunday, May 13, 2012

Omni Hotel - Texas Spice Restaurant

Paul and I never really venture out to new places for breakfast.  So this weekend I thought we would try the Omni Hotel's Texas Spice restaurant.  

We eat up little details in buildings and Texas Spice was full of them.  The uneven wood slats were beautiful and the red brick gave a wonderful warmth.

We didn't even look at the menu, knowing we wanted to try the Art of Breakfast Buffet.

The berries were so fresh and delicious. 

Brown sugar is always a must with oatmeal in my book and these canisters give an extra sweetness.

They even had gluten-free cereal options with your choice of milk. 

 Paul enjoyed having bacon and sausage.  

 She was whipping up omelets like no one's business.  All the eggs served are cage-free.

I usually go crazy with no limits, so this time I squinted my eyes to fit my belly.  It was a lovely breakfast.

Another great feature about Texas Spice is the dining options...  - Inside -

- at the bar -

- outside -

 - secluded tables -

- and even private rooms -

And let's take a moment to check out this chandelier!   

If no one was looking I would have tore this sucker down and taken it home.  So stunning. 

Paul was a little concerned that it was going to be one of "those" hotel buffets.  But, before we even left he was already contemplating our next trip to Texas Spice and who we should bring.  I call that a success Omni Hotel.

Love, Sarah


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