Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You're Worth It

You don't know what you don't know.

I've been saying this quote quite a few times this week.  For many different reasons but with my thoughts tonight I found it fitting again.  I use to not believe in true happiness.  I found couples that were overly affectionate and happy to be fake.  I thought they were the biggest actors and pathetic.  If you've followed my blog for awhile now, you might of seen this post about my previous marriage that was unhealthy and went on for too long.  But when you don't know, you don't know.  

I didn't know how to stand up for myself.  I didn't know that I deserved more.  That I could fight for more.  

That knowledge doesn't just pertain to romantic relationships.  It takes an eye opening experience to realize you deserve happiness in your friendships, in your decision making, and your job.  We have the tendency to stay in commitments longer than the expiration date.  We talk ourselves into thinking once we make a move we'll look back with regret.  But listen to this...  You won't know, until you know.

I make the joke that I love break ups.  It's not the ending that I love, it's the not knowing.  It's the fact that you're taking a risk, declaring that you trust your gut.  There's nothing worth more than a friend that lifts you up and believes in your dreams, a job that fulfills you to your bones, and a spouse standing right next to you in every curve ball thrown.

I don't believe I found my true calling in my professional life.  And I'm finding that there's no better friend than my own mom.  So, I'm talking to myself, but I'm also talking to you

The best news is that we're both still standing here and we can lift those fists up to fight for our happiness.

In prayers.

Love, Sarah


Patience Manzare said...

Word girl! Happiness is waking up every morning and having gratitude for everything you have. Looking for the good in everything...and knowing the best is on its way!

Love you!


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