Friday, June 22, 2012

Boston Common

Paul and I just returned from a trip to Massachusetts.  We spent time in Boston, Cape Cod and I took a day trip to Martha's Vineyard.  The first few days there it was cold.  Paul immediately took that as an opportunity to buy a new jacket.  We found his dream store, Uniform in walking distance from our hotel.  Luckily I love wearing mens clothes, so I was able to pick up a shirt as well.

I love this snap I got of Paul walking in front of me on our way to the Boston Common.

There's something about being in Boston that brings the patriotic spirit out in me.  You feel the history under your feet.

Music, sun, and calmness filled the air.

This lady captured my heart.  She was walking alone floating her arms in the wind and raising them over her head and meditating in her soul.  She was peace.

I was feeling pretty cool clicking away with my camera.  Then the captain walked by and I walked a little more tender footed.

I could walk around Boston all day and night, especially with my love by my side.

Love, Sarah

p.s.  I can't wait to show you the rest of our trip over the next couple days!


LindseyC said...

I'm here and so is Betsy!!!! (the new love of my life)

Let's go shoot something, girl! Just say when!

Stephanie M. Corbett said...

Love this Sarah, especially the tie to Bambi!! haha!

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