Tuesday, July 3, 2012

S&D Oyster Company

When my co-worker Benton found out that I had never had an oyster, he didn't let two seconds go by before declaring today was the day.  On the way over to S&D Oyster Company, Benton was telling me that he has been coming here since he was a little kid.  

We sat down and ordered two teas and a dozen oysters and then...

BAM!  There they were. 

 Obviously, Benton has mastered the sauce and preparation skills for the perfect oyster dining experience, so I let him steer this ship.

My first go at it wasn't bad, but I took his advice and tried it with a cracker until I got over my mental issues. 

Then we became one in the same.  

We didn't stop there and got two gumbos with no rice.   

...and who could leave without trying them fried? 

 We curtsied out of there after raking up a nice little lunch bill.  Hey, life experiences sometimes come with a price. 

We've already planned double dates here with our loves.  Can't wait!

Love, Sarah


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