Sunday, July 1, 2012

Air Conditioning

So I just hung out with this lady.  Her name is Lindsey and we're "internet" friends.  Ha  ...more like blog friends, but I don't feel weird because I can say I met her once at a party through an ex-boyfriend.

But here's the deal, she's really cool and I love her blog (click here).  We're both getting started with our photography obsession.  So we planned an afternoon of just messing with settings and lenses.  She inspired me to shoot in manual today and I actually had a visible picture on the other end!

At the end of our day of photo magic, we headed up to the roof.  I slapped my macro lens on and decided to do an industrial themed collection.  So official sounding, right?  

Here it is...  I'm calling it Air Conditioning

 The end.

Love, Sarah


Becky said...

Great job Sarah! I love the photos!

LindseyC said...

Look at that aperture! Daaaang girl!!! Haha this was so fun. I can't wait until we can do it again! Come to San Francisco... there's LOTS to shoot there! We should find a photo workshop to attend!

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