Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rosemont in Deep Ellum

Meet Local's (my favorite restaurant) brand new little sister, Rosemont.

I have been so antsy to go to Rosemont in Deep Ellum (my hood).  I have heard Tracy Miller and her staff at Local talk about it for over a year now.  Tracy put this breakfast/brunch/lunch spot together piece by piece and she never let's a detail go missed.  

I already new I would love it, but I could wait to see and taste it.  

Six of us from work went to celebrate three of their birthdays.  

We ordered all over the menu, but the three of girls all ordered different versions of the arugula goat cheese peach salad.

...plain, with chicken, and with salmon.  No one was disappointed with their choice.  

Benton B. cleaned his plate of the lightly pan-fried fish sandwich. 

Mark prefers hot lunches, so he was happy to see the parmesan chicken on the menu.

 The homemade chips looked delicious and Tracy gives you the option of a whole or half order of a sandwich.

We were all full, so we decided on one dessert to share to celebrate the birthdays.

Devils food. 

Before the candles were blown out... 

we were already fighting over the last pieces of this heavenly cake.

...oh, and the parking lot may look large when you first pull up, but be careful.  It gets full fast so you want to park strategically to guarantee a way out.  

I have a feeling I'm going to be here a lot.

Love, Sarah


Sienna said...

all this food looks delicious, i want that cake!!!

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