Monday, August 6, 2012

Black Within a Crow

Here's another sneak peek of a shoot Rebekah and I did for You+Style.  

I'm wearing three of my absolute favorite pieces I own.  My favorite Church garage sale blouse, my new Alexander Wang sparkle pants, and my Derek Lam booties that are 6 inches tall!!

With all that favoritism in one outfit I couldn't add any accessories, but I did try out an ombre lip for the first time.  I started with my red lipstick (the same tube from my wedding) and added a maroon around the edges.   It came out a little too pink, so I'll have to mess with the shade of maroon.  

We shot this at the Crow Collection of Asian Art.  I knew I wanted to stand in front of this wall.  It's from a palace where the woman would not be allowed outside, but they could simply open the shutters behind me to view the outside world.  I imagined their dreams as I was standing on the other side.  

Here's to being free and dreaming big.

Love, Sarah


LindseyC said...

My GOSH you're beautiful.

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