Monday, August 6, 2012

DIY Memory Board

I adore going to Home Depot and it's not only for a hot dog on the way in.  On a recent trip I started walking around the store looking for a little art project to work on.  I noticed how fun all the paint sample cards were and grabbed several.  I also picked up a board and some finishing nails.  At this point I still didn't know what to do with them, but headed home.  

The colors started to remind me of specific memories and then it hit me.  I could write the first thought that came to me for each color.  If there was a year associated to it, I also wrote it down. 

For example, take the deep red in the middle of this picture.  I immediately thought of Big Red the gum.  When I was in second grade I thought the gum was too hot, so I would only eat it in the shower where I could cool off while enjoying the heat.  It's a fun memory that only I know.  

I then take two finishing nails 

 ...and nail it to the board.

I try not to think about the height or color and just put them on as randomly as possible.   

Oh and it's important to put a thick towel underneath your board incase any nails pop through.   

The memories can be as significant or minor as you would like.

The whole board will be filled with fun colors and my personal memories.  I can't imagine looking at this board and not having to smile.  

Give it a try!  It's completely fun digging within for the greatest memories of your life so far.

Love, Sarah


Merewil said...

how am I just seeing this genius post. I LOVE IT! I am going to for sure start this project at our house

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