Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pinterest Pesto

Paul and I were at Whole Foods checking out when an employee came up to us and asked if we wanted a container full of pine nuts.  Someone had decided they no longer wanted them and they were going to have to throw them away since it was in a self-serve container.  That night my friend Jun suggested that I make pesto out of it.  So I did.

I'm not a cook, so I looked where else but on Pinterest for a recipe.  I found this one that then referred to this one.  I picked up the rest of the ingredients at Jimmy's and I even roasted my pine nuts.  It's a pretty big deal, since I've only used this food processor for granola bars before.  It's so monumental that I figured if I didn't share on the blog, then it didn't happen.

Now, I just gotta figure what to put it on.  Maybe drizzled over my watermelon-tomato salad?

Love, Sarah


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