Saturday, August 11, 2012

Scooter Day

Scooter is the coolest cat I know.  Everyone loves him and he's always happy.  I started thinking about his life and I think he has a great one.  My poor dogs in the other hand are not as lucky.  

Every day Scooter starts it off by scratching his post, eating breakfast in his loft (click here for a tour), and then plays in the game room.   

He then waits by the door to the office to go to work.

He checks the mail...

Files some papers away... 

 ...and orders some new office needs.

He surveys the employees and makes sure they're doing their job... 

 and also let's them take cat pat breaks.

Scooter's not a sissy and doesn't like to be petted, but prefers patting.  

Kevin then plays the make Scooter fly game AKA stop walking on the laptop game.


Once that's all done he takes the first shift for office security.

Then goes in for a better post...

and waits to bark at the mailman.  

Scooter thanks you for taking a peek at his day.  It's the same everyday so come on by and say hi!

Love, Sarah


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