Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Candy Store

This sweet man knows that I hold no value on jewelry, but if you have to get me a gift, Competitve Camera is my candy store. 

Paul has also hooked me up with a job for his company.  I will be taking all his interior shots of his work for magazines!  How exciting is that?!

I added a few necessaries and this little bad boy to my camera family...

It's just like the one I already use 90% of the time but is upgraded with better glass.  I also added a clear glass UV filter for mostly protection.  Good thing since the next day it fell of our friends counter in my case and it shattered the filter to pieces!!!  Thankfully it didn't damage lens!  Whew  ...I almost cried just the thought of it happening.  

Ohh and please cross your fingers for me...  I'm doing my first "artistic" shoot on Thursday.  It's going to be deadly.  I'll tell you all about it on Friday! 

Hope your week is going swell!

Love, Sarah



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