Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gone Girl

I rarely get on the bandwagon with books.  I've never read a Twilight, Harry Potter, or any Shade of Gray that's out there.  Most the books I read are completely random that I find just searching bookstores.  For some reason I wanted to give Gone Girl a try (click here for a detailed description of the book).  

Now, I loathe surprises.  If you give me any kind of hint that there's going to be a surprise coming up, I'll do everything in my power to figure it out.  This book got me in the gut turn after turn.  You could imagine my restraint I possessed to not read the last chapter to solve the mystery.  I gasped out loud, shrieked, and called some people cray-cray throughout the story.  It was like a Kardashian episode; you know it's fake, but too entertaining not to watch.

Have you read Gone Girl yet?

Love, Sarah


Allison said...

I loved the book but I was not a fan of the ending. It was such a hard book to put down nonetheless!

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