Sunday, September 30, 2012

Durango and a Dream

Paul's dad, Paul Sr. and his wife Betty Ann drove into town from Durango to celebrate all our birthdays.  They have been trying to get us to come visit them for awhile now and thought I should just drive back with them.  I could only stay for four days but thought it would be worth it.  

Paul and I have been working on our wills and planning everything out if something happens to one or both of us and so has his dad.  They just let us know that they would like us to have their house in Durango if something happened to them.  It's a huge responsibility and something we don't take lightly.  That means we would continue their dream home for both sides of the family to enjoy for generations to come.  

They gave me a tour of every nook and cranny of the peaceful home.

They have a daily routine and even their baby Windsor enjoys every second of it.  

The Durango and Silverton steam train is their daily alarm clock.  I snuck out of the house early the first morning to watch it truck on by full of waving passengers.  

They squeezed in a full tour of Durango and didn't miss a stop.  

 The love they have for Durango is completely evident in their hearts and we hope to carry it on for them way down the road.

Love, Sarah


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