Sunday, September 2, 2012

Padres en Costa Rica

So my parents came to visit Costa Rica for the first time.  They stayed for a week and then Paul and me stayed another week after.  I'll have to explain what we were waiting for that didn't happen later!

...but back to my parents.  We had the best time with them; starting off with flying in the little Sansa plane to Quepos.

I didn't know my mom was a little worried about the small plane at first, but she ended up really enjoying the flight. 

We dropped their stuff off at their hotel, Rio Tico (which provides safari tent bungalows, we call it glamping).  Then headed to our house where my dad immediately took over my hammock.  

 He fit right into the lifestyle.

We took them all over to eat, explore, tour, and swim.  

The first day was pretty adventurous for my dad which included: Shadow biting him in the rear, getting trampled by a large wave, and almost loosing his marbles at the waterfall. 

 So for the rest of their trip we took it easy.

My beautiful mom resting during our tour at Manuel Antonio National Park.

After the tour we met Paul and Shadow on the beach.

Pipas frias!

My dad bought some cubans and lit one up. ...unknown to us, an iguana had just broken open a bee hive in the tree directly behind us.  The bees with no where to go loved the smell of the cigar and started swarming us.  We had to run off and move farther down the beach and casted my dad away until he was done.

My moms goal was to see a monkey and she was able to see three different species.  My goal was to make sure they relaxed and had a good time.  I think we both succeeded.  

Love, Sarah


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