Monday, September 3, 2012


Last year I did this list of my favorite shows at the time.  I still watch most of those but there are two new ones that just got added to our rotation and two that keep us coming back for more...  

We watched two episode a night to catch up to the current season of Hell on Wheels.  It's based around the time after the Civil War and America started building the railroad across the country through American Indian territory.  Mr. Bohannon is a man of little words, but gets you in the gut with his quick wittiness and is a total bad ass.

Two of my friends were talking about Downton Abbey months ago to me and I wrote it off.  I figured I had enough shows to keep up with.  But we decided to download it onto our iPad for Costa Rica to try it out and I've fallen in love.  I never really talk to the tv when I watch something, but this show has me making all kinds of accusations and gasps directly to their face during each episode.  Might possibly be my favorite show. 

And a bonus is that it wants me to keep my house in tip-top shape after watching them clean.

Breaking Bad.  No explanation. 

Eastbound & Down is a little hard to admit.  Even worse is that we quote the show for days after each episode.  Warning:  Don't watch in front of sensitive ears.

Are any of these shows on your top list?

Love, Sarah


LindseyC said...

Eastbound & Down! LOOOVE IT! Such a guilty pleasure... ha!

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