Friday, October 19, 2012

Gun Protection

This morning I heard this story about the 12-year-old Oklahoma girl that shot an intruder that broke into her home while she was there alone.  The intruder even had an abduction on his record and was opening the closet the girl was hiding in when she shot him.  It gives me chills to think of what could have happened and the protection that gun gave that little girl.  

I'm currently getting my CHL this weekend.  We have guns in our home and I thought it would only be responsible to learn the laws, be prepared, and learn to shoot them all properly without hesitation.  I believe ignorance is not bliss and we definitely don't live with a false sense of security living in downtown.  We have had several occurrences that I don't believe needed a deadly way to stop the intruder but "to have it and not need it, than need and not have it" is always something that comes to my mind.

Going through the CHL course has taught me several important facts:
-You can never retract a bullet.
-It only takes a fraction of a second to put your finger on the trigger, so always have your finger off the trigger until ready to pull.
-Always treat every gun as loaded, even when not.
-If you have to shoot someone with deadly force - aim for the center of their chest to avoid most organs and it's the strongest part of their body to withstand a bullet.  The goal is to stop and not kill.

I pray to the Lord I will never have to use my gun - but think of the little 12-year-old girl that has the ability to have a childhood because of their household protection.

Please educate yourself and others around firearms.

Love, Sarah


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