Sunday, October 28, 2012

My +16 Hours New Orleans to Dallas Story

Have you ever had a day that everything you touched went wrong?  That was me today.

I had an amazing time in New Orleans with some dear friends but trying to leave was a different story.

5:00 am - Left for the airport after three hours of sleep
5:30 am - checked in to be on stand-by for the 7:25 am flight
7:20 am - was allotted a ticket and boarded the plane
7:21 am - they took my bag to check it in so we could quickly fly out
7:22 am - texting Paul and my friends that I made it on - woohoo!
7:23 am - as I was buckling my seat belt I heard my name being called over the loud speaker that I must exit the plane.  They mistakenly let someone through without scanning his ticket so there wasn't room for me since another passenger had just shown up for the flight
7:25 am - an employee telling me that my bag is already on the plane and I can get it whenever I reach Dallas

8:45 am - didn't make it on the second flight

8:50 am - blisters really wearing in from my "nice" stand-by attire 
 ...and dang it, my flip flops are in my checked bag

9:30 am - didn't make it on the third flight

9:35 am - called to hitch a car ride from New Orleans to Shreveport with my friends 
(thinking... one step closer to Dallas)

10:00 am - got up to meet them outside
10:05 am - realized I left my camera on the seat next to me in the airport
10:06 am - was not allowed back in the airport without going back through the security line
10:07 am - yelling for help for someone to go grab my bag before it was a goner 
10:08 am - tearfully begging someone to just find it for me
10:09 am - making some extremely awful ugly cry faces while waiting for my camera
10:15 am - sobbing thank you and hanging on tightly to my bag as I go out to meet Amanda and Justin

3:30 pm - realized I was missing the Cowboys game that we had suite tickets to from Paul's client.  Don't worry - Paul sent me some pictures of how fun it was (until they lost)

4:30 pm - Justin spotted a crocodile on the side of the road and we looped around to snag a picture :)

5:15 pm - got a car rental in Shreveport and said bye to Amanda and Justin
5:46 pm - returned the rental with a flat tire as I was trying to get back to the highway
5:50 pm - back on the road with a new rental

9:11 pm - returned my rental at the Dallas Love Field Airport
9:35 pm - found my bag in lost luggage 
10:10 pm - came home to some sweet furry babies and a handsome hubby!

I honestly feel silly that I'm complaining but a lot of good happened today as well.  I spent more time with my friends, saw a beautiful sunset, and any time you go through something challenging in your day - it immediately makes you grateful for the smoother days.

Hope your day was a blessing and send your prayers to everyone stuck without flights home in the Northeast due to the hurricane.

Love, Sarah


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