Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lindsey + Andrew

I had four dates for the wedding of my life time.  It was for one of Paul's clients daughters, Lindsey. ...but go ahead and throw that whole sentence in the trash because it doesn't hold the value they hold in our hearts.  And even though I've only hung around Lindsey a handful of times I have a great bond to her, like as if we come from the same tree.  

...getting back to it, here are a few detail shots.  She had a complete crew shooting her wedding so I just snagged some shots of the amazing decor. 

The wedding was held at their family compound at Cedar Creek Lake.  We sat surrounded by nature and circled the bride and groom as they took their vows.

We then made our way to the barn where we dined from four different restaurants with sushi, Italian, Mediterranean and Indian cuisine.

Isn't her centerpieces made of Pinterest dreams? 

This is a picture of her parents, John and Linda's wedding day.  Now don't get me started on her parents, especially her mom.  I don't even have the words.  She's definitely an inspiration to me and such a beautiful person, inside and out.

This is where I sat.  I wanted to take home my "placemat" so bad, but Paul wouldn't let me.  How freaking cute is this??

If you know Paul, then you know that he loves his Jager.  He brought a couple bottles of Jager to the party beforehand and I think our table alone put a good dent in them.

The love that both their parents possess for each other has created this extremely special relationship between Lindsey and Andrew.  It's as if the love and nurturing they both have received over their lifetime has all been for this moment where they can now share with each other.  It's so beautiful to witness.  


Love, Sarah


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