Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cane Rosso - Inside the Kitchen

Most of DFW has been to Cane Rosso now, I've even done a blog post already about them (click here for link). ...but have you been in the kitchen?  I just got a top secret look into their process of making some amazing pies.  The owner Jay was out, but the Manager Britt gave me the scoop. 

It all starts back here...

The prosciutto is sliced.  

Mozzarella is hand made and diced. 

Oh and each pizza dough ball is cut and weighed beforehand.

Now the hard part.  Which one do you choose?  And did you know that each of the names of the pizzas have a meaning to Jay?  A few are his family, a couple pets, and even a housekeeper.  

Could barely stand sitting right next to the prep counter.  I could eat just the toppings and be satisfied. 

Getting drizzled with olive oil

 and topped with the good stuff.  This pie was all mine.

The mark of Guy. 

Oh and get this, I got to drive in their van to check out their newly wrapped trailer!

How cool is that? 

Josh was telling me that it's a very old concept of back in the day they would cart around an oven carried by horses to cook bread.  It's just now pulled by a different kind of horsepower.

Hope you can get into Cane Rosso this month.  If you order the "OMB" a meatball, Jimmy's Sausage, onions and chiles pie, a percentage will go towards Movember.  Don't forget to ask your server what "OMB" stands for.

Thank you Cane Rosso for making me feel like part of the CR family today!

Love, Sarah


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