Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Funday

This Sunday was by far a million times better than last Sunday (click here for why).  It started off with a family photoshoot for my BFF, Julie in Fort Worth.  Both her boys didn't feel well, but I'm glad we got some smiles - all we needed was some photographer acrobats.  

 ...and since I was already in Fort Worth, I had to keep on going to Bridgeport to say hi to my baby girl, Serena.  She knocked back two packages of chicken legs and took a little siesta.  

 ...and since I was coming back home from Bridgeport, I had to stop by and say hi to my grandparents in Euless.  My grandma was showing me her sweet stuffed pink lamb that she named Sarah.  It touched my heart so much that I had to take a picture.

...and since I was already in Euless, I had to say hi to my nephews and rest of the family.  And why not go to Joseph's last soccer game!  

What a lovely Sunday filled with love and family.  Hope yours was just the same.

Love, Sarah


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