Thursday, December 13, 2012


Paul's closet before I took over
Paul made the biggest mistake a husband could do.  He mentioned to a friend in front of me that the master closet was made for a past live-in girlfriend.  The second the words left his mouth he knew it was his closet grave.  I don't care about the past girlfriend - we all have previous relationships.  BUT, I do care about taking over this closet and I knew it was my open opportunity to lay on some guilt for an ol switcheroo.  

If you've been a long time reader of this blog you might remember this post (click here).  It was a house tour of our bedroom and my closet.  Which isn't bad but waiting on our home renovation is a little too long to wait for a better closet.  


I took everything out of both our closets and switched them all within 24 hours.  I knew I had to do this quick before Paul realized what was about to hit him.

...remember the painting from the art show?  Click here for post.

I've always saved my favorite shopping bags with no idea why.  When I was about to throw them away while cleaning everything out - I thought why not frame a few for some added girly color.  

With them all in one spot I didn't realize how many small purses I had.  I put a solo earring through the box for some added shine.  I never could toss it after Sergeant ate it's mate.  

I'm crossing my fingers I'll wear a different pair of shoes besides my sneakers now that I can see them.


I couldn't be happier!  It took me 3.5 years to snag THE closet but I finally did it!  Yippee!!

Paul handmade this flower on the hooks for me on my birthday.  Ohh wait!  I should still have a picture of it somewhere.  Hold on... 

Here it is!  How freaking sweet is that?  It was on my birthday the month after we got married.  I need to show him this to remind him of all the sweet things he does.  

Hope you never give up on your dreams and pounce on open opportunities! ;)

Love, Sarah


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