Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I think it's time I introduce you to Super Yoga Palace.  I've been coming here with my friend Lesli and we just started a 24 day cleansing challenge might have seen all are chit-chatting about it on Facebook.  Well, this place is a life changer.  In just the short time I've been coming here, I now can't imagine a day without this practice in it.

Let me show you why...

When you walk in the smell is clean and light.

The sun shines down on you through the large wall of windows.

The sounds of water bubbling and an awesome playlist surrounds you.

...and then Jessica's smiling face greets you and gives you a nice warning how challenging the class is about to be.

Oh and they're completely donation based.  They of course accept cash but also take card and checks.

With mats, blocks, and water provided, all you really need to do is show up.

Lesli and I have been working on "flying" and she just nailed her headstand!  So proud of her.

This looks cool, but I'm totally cheating.'ll come.

Every class is exciting and motivating.  Jessica is an inspiration and a wonderful teacher about not only yoga but life.  

Come join us in class!

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Love, Sarah


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