Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shadow's Story

Friday Shadow and Sergeant were in their kennels for most the day.  When we got home from the Mavs game we even ran Shadow on the treadmill for a couple of minutes to get some of his pent up energy out.  Paul then took the dogs out to go potty in our back alley in Deep Ellum.  Shadow saw a guy on a bike and chased after him.  Paul immediately called me while yelling for Shadow to come back and I ran outside.  That's when I found Sergeant alone in the alley and Paul and Shadow no where to be found.  

Randomly our friend Dave was near by and heard Paul's shouting.  He pulled up in his car and Sergeant and I jumped in and went looking for Paul and Shadow.  We found Paul near the highway to South Dallas still yelling for Shadow.  Dave and I immediately drove around looking for Shadow.  We came across a guy on a bike and we asked him about Shadow and it was him.  He said that Shadow left him alone after he turned the corner but didn't see what direction he went.

We then decided to split up.  Paul jumped on his scooter, I got on my bike, and Dave stayed near the house and back alley incase he came home.  I even took Sergeant with me that night also to see if he smelt Shadow and so I could think more like a dog with him leading the way.  After hours of searching every street in every direction for a huge circumference we knew he was now considered missing.  

Dave suggested posting on Craigslist and so I did under lost and found and under pets.  The next morning I posted in several different forums and through a suggestion Lost Dogs of Texas.  Lost Dogs of Texas then created a flier for me for free and we posted and handed them out in Deep Ellum.  I also went up to the Dallas Animal Services (which was an amazing facility and I'm so grateful for their encouragement and dedication to finding dogs their home again) and SPCA.  The word spread quickly due to caring friends on Facebook.  Shadow's picture on Lost Dogs of Texas got shared over 300 times.  

We had several dear friends come over and search with us and Jamie held down the fort and helped us stay organized.  Paul then hired Bonnie Hale a Lost Pet Specialist, who came out with her search dog and went on the hunt with Paul to find Shadow or at least know the direction he went.  While they were doing that Nicole, Jamie and I made huge colorful signs and started posting them in the main intersections of Deep Ellum.  

Here's where it get's interesting...  As we were hanging a sign at Elm and Malcom X these birds were right next to us in a bush, chirping so loud.  I joked that they were telling me they know where Shadow was.  I then decided to check my email on my phone.  At that moment (I checked the posted time) I received an email from a Trish responding to my Craigslist post and it reads:

A lady came into the Petco at Prestonwood today.  Had found a dog matching the description of yours. The manager said he'd try to find a home for him.  You might check to see if it's your dog.  Good luck from a fellow dog lover!

I immediately called the Petco and asked to talk to the Manager.  Sure enough through describing Shadow to a "T" it was confirmed that it was Shadow.  I told them I was on the way and they called the lady who had Shadow to meet me up there.  I completely lost it and broke down and went with Jamie and Nicole to get my baby.

When we got there we had a million questions on how Shadow ended up in Plano.  The lady told us that she found him in their neighborhood dog park early in the morning with a blanket and a dog bowl full of food.  She had a neighbor who was a vet check him out because the paws of his feet were completely raw.  They then took him up to Petco and they weren't able to read Shadow's international microchip that Katy Trail Animal Hospital had placed in him and were going to wait until Monday to try another vet to see if they could read it.

Now here's where it get's even crazier.  I emailed Trish back to thank her for being proactive in searching the internet for lost pet reports and contacting me.  Without her who knows when or even if we would have ever found Shadow if they immediately found another home for him.  Here's her response:

Sarah, thank you for the beautiful email -- just knowing you have your dog back is reward enough for me!  A friend of mine was at Petco and texted me about the person in front of her with your dog.  She knows how upset I get thinking of lost dogs.  I have 10 dogs -- somehow they find me...  I've found so many in my life -- some I am able to find the owners, but most of the time I'm not.  (I guess they are dumped).

As soon as she texted me I did a Google search and found your Craigslist ad.  I'm so happy that you have your baby back.  I know that if I lost any of mine, I would spend the rest of my life searching for them.  Dogs truly are one of God's greatest blessings.

Thank you for letting me know about your reunion!  


Can you believe she wasn't even the one that overheard the conversation?!  I absolutely believe she's my Angel.  The answer to my tearful prayers.  Who knows how Shadow ended up in Plano.  At first I was upset that someone would take a dog so far away from where they found him, but maybe it was all meant for this women to receive a text from a friend that overheard a conversation about my boy.

We're so grateful to have our baby back home.  Paul looked at me and said could you imagine if this was a child.  Paul was a steady rock that never gave up and did everything in his power to get this boy home.  We're so touched by the love and support we've received from you.  Our friends and even strangers that took this to their heart and spread the word and helped in every way they could.  

Love, Sarah

...I will be sharing tips that we received on what to do if you lost or found a pet soon.  It's so important to move quickly and purposefully.  It doesn't help having an angel named Trish either.


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