Thursday, April 7, 2011

Share Love

There are two families that I personally know that are always on my heart.  I constantly try to come up with grand plans on ways I could help, but I feel led to simply share their stories and let God do the rest...

The Akeman's

Angie, Paul and sweet Avery Akeman.

Avery lights up a room with her smile and you wouldn't have guessed that she has spent 408 days inpatient at Children's Medical Center.  That she has endured 21 surgeries or procedures requiring general anesthesia and has visited the Emergency Room 22 times.  She has five standing appointments each week and many others that are added to her schedule as needed.

Paul has recently become unemployed and we all know what one visit to the hospital ends up costing and Angie has been in and out of the hospital as well.  They have the strongest faith of anyone I have ever met and I grow closer to God just by their example.  

This family reminds me to be thankful for each day, to count every healthy child as a blessing, and to realize when times are hard the only thing to do is lean your weight on Him. 

Please visit Avery's website for more of her story and for a way to help.

The Wiegand's

Casey, Chris, Aiden and Ainsleigh Wiegand.

Chris until recently worked with me at You+Dallas.  During that time I became friends with Casey, his wife.  She teaches art and I gathered a group of friends and we took painting classes from her.  I was having so much fun at the classes and Casey and I started getting closer and closer at each one.  I now consider her a best friend and can't imagine my life without her in it.  

Chris and Casey like many other young couples are up to their ears in bills (school loans, health insurance, mortgage).  I will let them explain their situation, click here to read a recent blog post they posted on Casey's wonderful blog.  They're not looking for hand outs and couldn't be working harder to climb to the top of the mountain to free themselves from this burden.  They, like the Akemans are leaning and trusting in the Lord to give them their strength and courage to push  forward.  

Chris is an extremely talented Videographer/Photographer.  Red Bull and Adidas are even current companies that have hired his talent for their shoots.  Casey is a beautiful artist that not only teaches classes for adults and children, but will do commission pieces upon request and has done beautiful murals in nurseries.  Ways to help the Wiegand's besides praying is contacting Chris for any video/photo needs and Casey for any art you may need or for gifts!  ...Her art classes are always so much fun too!

Please lift these two families up in your prayers and thank God for being there for them through this time in their life.

Love, Sarah


CaseyWiegand said...

Wow, what a sweet precious friend you are. You always bless me so much :). I miss you and a day doesn't go by without me thinking of YOU chicadee! I love you much friend! Bf!!! Xoxo

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