Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bag Full 'O Guns - What are you scared of?

What a gorgeous Sunday to go out shooting.  We loaded a little bag up and went out to Elm Fork Shooting Range to meet up with Brooks.

You might remember this range from this post here.

Brooks beat us there so we had to clip in and catch up on shooting.

Paul got me this Kahr 9mm for Mothers Day and I shot it for the first time today.  I have to go through 300-500 rounds before it's completely reliable so I was pretty bad on accuracy and it got stuck every other clip.

Thankfully Brooks let me shoot his guns too and it built my confidence with hitting the steel almost every shot.

I'm in love with this gun.  It's from 1987 and you have to pull in and hold the safety before you can pull the trigger.  It's a great bed side table gun and it's really heavy and solid.

I'm always impressed to watch Paul shoot.  He rarely misses, but unfortunately he is the absolute worst teacher!  I'm going to have to get some lessons in before I get my CHL.

 We had perfect timing on running out of ammo right when they were closing.

So we loaded our stuff up and went about our day.

What's your thoughts on guns?  Have you ever shot one before?  I use to be scared of them, but I had to take that fear and concur it.  The more you educated yourself on what your scared of, the less scary they become.  

Go conquer your fears this week!

Love, Sarah


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