Thursday, September 15, 2011


At a happy hour last week, the topic came up that I hadn't seen the Goonies.  This happens to me anytime someone brings up popular movies from the 80s/90s.  I always blame living in Germany and being homeschool for four of those years as my cop out ...but come on, I've had enough time to catch up.  

At this happy hour they came up with a list of movies I needed to see:

The Fall
Stranger than fiction 
Empire Records 
Chasing Amy
Blazing Sadles
Princess Bride
Young Frankenstein
Sixteen Candles
Pretty in Pink
Say Anything
The Warriors
Six Days Seven Nights
The Beach
Run Lola Run 
City of Lost Children

So here's the deal, do I take the time to watch these movies and check them off my list.  Or do I skip them, knowing they won't be as good as if I had seen them in their hay-day.

Please help me!

Love, Sarah


ashley&nadim said...

You have to watch them! Some of them are classics!!! We should have a movie day and I can show all the good ones ;)

Breeann said...

I haven't even seen half of them...but the ones that I have seen...are definitely worth the watch :)

hannah singer said...

sixteen candles, pretty in pink, princess bride, trainspotting and goonies need to be watched;)

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