Monday, September 26, 2011

Life Plans - waiting for my child

Do you ever think about your future?

Paul and I aren't planning on having a child until my back is stronger and more stable.  But I can't wait until the day that I read the test positive.  I even go to the extent of imagining getting them ready for bed and rocking them to sleep; while in reality I leisurely watch t.v. and mess around on the computer.  

The more time passes without being blessed with a child, the more I realize that I grow as a person and hopefully that time will make me a stronger parent.  I've been wanting to be a mom since I was a little girl taking care of my panda bear stuffed animal and changing it's diapers.  The thing that comforts my wants is that I know God is in complete control.  I luckily can throw my "plans" on Him and just explore what's currently in front of me.    

I'm sure every parent thinks this, but I have had this feeling for the past couple years that my child is going to be born for a purpose.  ...yes, I know we're all here for a purpose, but I'm talking special.  ...yes, I am laughing too about how egotistical that sounds, but I can't help it.  I feel like anytime I wonder about when my child's time will come, I get this overwhelming comforting feeling that I will understand why He waited in the end.

Is anyone else "waiting" for something in their life?

Love, Sarah the way, that picture is taken in front of the Birth Center on Swiss Ave where two of my best friends had their babies. 


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