Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Think outside of a frozen lunch

I am so lucky to have fun co-workers that I consider friends and we get to go eat out for lunch all the time.  We have old favorites but we also get adventurous and try new places.

We were walking past Pho Colonial in downtown Dallas to get Greek food when we decided to change choices and try it out.

They had cute old bicycles along the line to order your food.

I ordered a taro bubble tea.  I actually really liked it.  It was smoother than my favorite at Vietnam Restaurant on Bryan St.

My Grilled Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli was so refreshing.  I will definitely come back to get it again.

All the boys got Pho and said it was alright.  They thought it wasn't served temperature hot enough and that they preferred Vietnam's better.

The spring rolls were great.  
You can see into the kitchen when you're in line waiting to order and I saw a container full of them already prepared.  I would have chosen not to see that and think they were specially done for my order ...but, that's just me getting nit picky.

Eating outside on a beautiful day was enjoyable.

We then walked around Thanksgiving Square before heading back to work...

What do you do for lunch during the work week?

Love, Sarah


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