Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dear You,

I find it strange that I take compliments as just someone trying to be nice, and I take mean comments as truth.  I never really let compliments soak in and stay awhile.  I quickly brush past them and put very little weight behind the words.  But when someone pokes a little jab at me or makes fun of what I put out there.  I let it sting.  I even repeat it in my head until I have fully embraced the hurt.

Anyone else do this?  It sounds like a great resolution to work on for the new year.  

Oh my, what if we all believed in ourselves as much as Jesus does and told evil where to shove it?  I'm so grateful to be forgiven and start new any moment I choose.

Love, Sarah


Becky said...

I'm that way too Sarah. I am not very good taking compliments. One of my fav quotes is "Write pain in sand, and kindness in marble." I try to think about that when someone hurts my feelings.

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