Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shadow Muy Sick

Earlier this week we had to take Shadow into the vet.  He was throwing up all night long and couldn't even keep water down.  At first we thought we should wait it out, but then I remembered seeing a scorpion arm with only the pincher on one end laying in the middle of the floor in our house.  I thought it was weird and questioned where the rest of the scorpion was at and then went on about my day. 

But when Shadow wouldn't stop throwing up, it hit me that he might have eaten it.  So we took him right in as soon as they opened.  Our Veterinarian, Dr. Fernando is amazing and quickly took blood and stool samples and came to the conclusion that it was something he ate and it had not infected his blood yet.  So Shadow got several shots and we went home with a bag of medicine. 

Thank goodness this pooch is alright.  We were so worried, but glad to report that he is all better.  He even got some of our left-over beef tenderloin from Madras a few days later.  

Dr. Fernando takes in all stray animals that want a home.  He even leaves food and water outside and an open front door for any of them to come in.  In Costa Rica it is very rare to see a cat.  So you know I had to take a picture of Scooters doppelgänger.  

Hope everyone in your family is happy and healthy!

Love, Sarah


The Dayleys said...

I'm sorry to hear that shadow got sick, but am happy to hear he's on the mend!!

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